Returning To Gym Post COVID-19

by JV Nutrition
Returning To Gym Post COVID-19


Are you confused? Most of us are yet worried about getting started with our fitness regime. It’s a long time that the fitness freaks have stopped and kept them away from the weights and workout. When everything around the world is getting normal with the new normal of course, it’s time to get your gym suit, gym bag, sippers out of the cupboard and hit the gym with complete force. I would still recommend the young kids below 15 years and older than 50 years to workout in open place where they can maintain social distancing and safety norms.

Clean Vicinity to Workout

Since the gyms are starting after a long time do check the hygiene of the gym and take the necessary precautions and safety. Try to go in same slot to the gym so you come in contact with the same people and you can time and plan your workout by following social distancing norms. Try to wear gloves if possible and avoid touching your face too often. And yes, don’t forget to carry your sanitizer.

Scoop Your Protein

Your supplements are waiting for you to scoop them in shaker. Protein requirements increases once you start workout but the rule applies here that is to start supplements slowly and gradually. Let your body experience and accept changes.

Slow & Regular Start to Workout

When you read about boosting your immunity power which is most important to fight the COVID risk, exercise is one the factor to be considered. People who exercise regularly have better immunity to fight any virus.

Do not overdo your Exercise

I know it’s been months and months that we miss our workout but be careful that you are not overjoyed and workout at a higher intensity and out of capacity which can in a way have negative impact on your body and you can lose your immunity and strength. Even for an athlete, if you are returning to your workout after a long break start with basic workout. Let your body get use to the routine for few weeks and then you can think about increasing intensity of your workout.

Workout with Minimum Props.

Props are breeding areas for bacteria and viruses. So do not share yoga mats, block, bands, water bottles, shakers with others. Workout in smaller groups so there is less contact and less sharing of props with others.

Get Set Go!!! Time to sweat out again.


Article by a very experienced Registered Dietitian & Certified Sports Nutritionist RD Neha Kava. For any queries you can connect with her at



by JV Nutrition