BioX Nutrition Beta Alanine 90 Serving.

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About BioX Nutrition Beta Alanine.

BETA ALANINE is a an ultra-pure high-intensity muscle endurance agent.
- Enhance Muscle Endurance
- Delay Fatigue
- Increase Strength
- Speed Recovery From Intense Exercise
- 100% Pure Beta Alanine

How to use:
It is unflavored and mixes instantly into your favorite pre and/or intra-workout recovery drinks.
Mix Powder (3g) in about 16oz of liquid (water or juice) immediately before consumption.

What makes it so powerful?
BETA ALANINE is a perfect addition to your supplement regimen if you want to improve endurance, increase strength, delay fatigue, and speed recovery from intense exercise.

Note: This is Vegetarian product.

    BioX Nutrition Beta Alanine 90 Serving.
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