Muscle Mantra Epic Series Acestar Whey 2Kg

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About Epic Series Acestar whey

Musclemantra Acestar Whey Protein is meant for athletes, body builders, sports-persons and active adults who are unable to meet their body’s protein requirements through routine dietary intake. Whey protein is the ideal protein for such individuals because it is rapidly digested and is a rich source of amino-acids for muscle recovery. Each serving of Musclemantra Acestar Whey Protein provides 24 grams of whey protein with low levels of carbohydrates, fat and cholesterol.
- Fast absorbing formula.
- Altra premium blend for advance recovery.
- Grass - fed whey protein.

How to use:
As a Dietary Supplement, mix 1 scoop of Acestar Whey Protein with 180-240ml of water or beverage of your choice. On training days, take a minimum of two servings. On non-training days, take atleast one serving daily between meals.

This is a Vegetarian Product.

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