5 Tips for Winter Workout

We are soon to enter winter season which definitely makes hard for many of us to keep going with our workout routine. There are slightly change in routine as the days are shorter. We try to shift our workouts indoor and avoid moving out. Most dedicated enthusiast like me also faces this problem.

Winter season is definitely disruptive for exercise regimes for many but at the same time athletes and body builders make good use of this reason to bulk themselves and gain muscles.

If you wish to continue with same regular workout pattern in winters as well, than small changes can
help you achieve that. Getting out of bed early in the morning definitely is challenging, so we can start our day a little late. As the day starts the temperature becomes favorable for us to move out and workout. Goal should be just one, remove as many obstacles as possible to keep you active all winter.

Let’s look at tips and ways to keep ourselves motivated in winter:

  1. Find a Partner or a Group

When we exercise alone the decision of exercising or not exercising is just on us. When you work out with a partner or a group you are answerable to all the sessions you missed or you want to miss. So there is kind of pressure that you have to show up as your partner or group is waiting for you.
Apart from this, working in group motivates us to perform better and be better than yesterday. Your partner can give you moral support and push you to get better results. With the group workout you also meet people who have same interest and passion, hence extending your social network as well.

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  1. Time your Sleep

It is very important to time your sleep. As nights are longer you need to try going to bed early so it is less difficult to get up early and hit the gym. If you end your day at 11pm, try to end it by 10pm. Body wants to sleep a little extra in winters. Give that leverage to your body by going to bed a little early as compared to getting up late.

  1. Keep things ready

Keep your gym wear ready next to your bed so it’s easier for you to get up get into the clothes and reach the gym then thing will be easier.

  1. Getting Out

You just have to make sure that you leave home and reach your gym or work out area. This is only the most difficult part. If you are able to achieve this that means your 50% task is done.

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  1. Choose a Warmer Time

If you are just not comfortable working out in colder temperature, change your time of workout to a warmer time. Take long brisk walks or go for a run. You can also plan your workout post working hours. So try to accommodate your exercise at time you are comfortable. It can be for a lesser time, but as we say “Something is better than nothing”.

When you want something, you do everything. When you have got that everything, don’t stop. Keep doing it lifelong.

Article written by our senior sports nutritionist and clinical dietitian RD Neha Kava. For any queries and concerns feel free to connect with her at getfit@jvnutrition.com



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