Are Protein Supplements for Women?

The trend is gradually changing and many women are putting their feet forward in fitness industry. Women build muscles and participate in the Fitness contest showcasing their figure. So now a day’s number of women exercising in gym is increasing and soon they will be same in numbers as compared to men.

When we talk about supplements, it is never gender specific. Supplements play a role to meet up the nutrition requirement which we are not able to meet through diet. Supplements are used as an additional food to your diet to overcome the deficiencies formed in diet due to difficult eating habits or non-availability.

Women requirement of protein is less as compared to men as they have lower muscle mass. Men have higher levels of testosterone. This hormone is responsible for muscle growth and excessive hair growth. Women do not produce enough testosterone to build those bulky muscles.

But if a women burns enough calories and weight trains herself at reasonably good intensity then definitely her protein requirement increases. If this increased requirement cannot be managed by diet then supplement can be considered.

In today’s busy schedule where women works managing her home, it is important for her to take extreme care of her diet which can help me to manage everything efficiently. It is a myth that women who take protein supplement start looking masculine. Any kind of food supplement cannot make you masculine or feminine. Protein supplement is not just for muscles but it also helps in maintaining good immune system, healthy nails and hair.

It is very much safe for the women to take protein supplements. It would be best to consult a Sports Nutritionist for the right choice of protein supplement which will give you desired results. Whey protein, Pea protein, Plant protein are few varieties of protein which are safe for consumption. Always keep a habit of reading ingredients which can further educate you on the other components added to the protein. Lesser the ingredient list better is the product.

Whey protein has below benefits:
1. Whey helps in muscle toning and boosting stamina
2. Whey boosts in immune system and metabolism
3. It gives feeling of fullness
4. Helps in Fat Loss

So, why women should not take all these benefits? HURRY up all the ladies out there grab your protein shake now and have better fitness.

Post is written by our Sports Nutritionist RD Neha Kava. Her expertise in the field is quite intense. For any queries you can connect with her on

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