Why Protein is important for Weightloss?

I talk about protein intake a lot in my diet consultation and Nutrition therapy. There is a vast population who still doesn't know what is the sources of protein in their diet and how they can make their diet balanced. People do ask me Why Protein is important for Weightloss?

As we all know our diet has three macro nutrients i.e carbohydrates, proteins and fats. And when these macro nutrients are not in the required proportion as per our current health status then the diet is imbalanced and we might have some adverse effects over a period of time. It could be deranged blood parameters or obesity related diseases.

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Most of the food we eat in our regular diet has plenty of carbohydrates and to make this carbohydrates more tasty we use fats and oils very liberally. Protein is often neglected. Hence, the emphasize is on including protein in all meals through diet or supplement. It doesn't matter wether protein is coming from food or supplement as the goal is to meet up the requirement.

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When in weightloss program diet is monitored in terms of calories intake and exercise for energy expenditure. But with following a calorie deficit diet it is also important to change the composition of the body from high fat to low fat. At the same time very important to achieve low muscle mass to higher muscle mass. Gaining lean muscles in the journey of weightloss/ fat loss is very important to boost metabolism of the body and hence prevent yourself from gaining the lost weight again.

To achieve this muscle gain, it is important to build healthy muscles and change the body composition to low fat and high muscle mass. When you achieve this composition in your body then the results are long lasting.

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