Weight Loss

Obesity is definitely a disease which gives rise to many other non-communicable diseases. So by any means if we are successful in managing obesity then we can overcome the future risk of diseases like insulin resistance diabetes, blood pressure, hypothyroidism, IBS, heart risk etc. Weight loss is the lock for all these diseases.

When we talk about weight loss, we come across many different types of diet with different composition of macro nutrients. So when you look at low carbohydrate diet or mediterrean diet or a keto diet. All diets talk about different composition of macro nutrient carbohydrates and fats, but it has seen that every diet talks about including adequate proteins. This shows that protein is really important irrespective of the type of diet.

It is important to add first class protein through food or by adding best quality protein powder in the diet. Best quality of protein is the one which will have all or maximum number of essential amino acids. 

Best way to lose weight is to control intake of carbohydrates focusing more on complex carbohydrates and limiting simple carbohydrates, adequate protein and low fat in diet. Most people don’t have good intake of protein in our diet. Deficiency of protein leads to higher intake of carbohydrates and fats. We need to overcome this by adding enough proteins in our diet so we can make our diet balanced and thereby can maintain a good weight.

So a well-balanced diet can help us to achieve our dietary health goals. To fasten this process of weight management we add some super foods to our diet which helps to boost our metabolism and fasten our weight loss process. Super foods are the food source which adds healthy calories to our diet.

There are few products which work well for weight management because of the quality of ingredients added to them. Have a brief look at the products.

  1. Diablo: It is a premium weight management protein. 
    It contains premium source of protein from hydrolysed whey. Micellar protein facilitates slow release of protein. Fat content in the product comes from MCT coconut oil which is a healthy fat. L- Carnitine L-Tartarate is amino acid which helps in fat burning. Inulin is a fibre which helps to give you good satiety levels and manages your cravings. Green Coffee bean is another super food which works well for fat loss and boost of metabolism because of high anti-oxidant content in them.

  1. RIPT: A natural fat burner. All ingredients are in its natural form. This helps to bring your body fat per cent low. It contains Vitamin B12, organic matcha green tea, green tea leaf extract, white tea leaf extract. It also has Naringin bioflavonoids and melegueta pepper which boosts the metabolism and supresses appetite.

For weight loss these two products will give excellent long lasting results without any side effects. It can be used for longer duration also.

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