Ketogenic Supplements

Macro nutrient distribution in Keto diet is 70-80% fat, 15-20% Protein and 5-10% carbohydrates. When you maintain this ratio in your diet,


your body is forced to undergo nutritional ketosis.

Your body will start burning fat and start using these ketones for energy and hence you will start losing fat from body.

A keto formulated product called Ketosys, helps you to achieve this nutritional composition in each meal. So your body achieves ketosis and starts burning fat.

People with high body weight, obesity and who want to jump start their fat loss/ weight loss process can use this supplement.

Note: People with heart risk, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes should not follow keto diet without supervision of your physician or registered dietician.


When we are on Keto Diet, we talk about eating high fat meals. It is important to learn to choose the right fat for your meal. Just adding high fat will not work. It may give you high cholesterol levels and may increase heart risk.

So the safest form of fat to add in your keto diet is ghee, butter, coconut oil, cheese and other fat coming from high fat foods like seeds, nuts, avocados, eggs, paneer, natural peanut butter, natural almond butter.

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