What are Nootropics

Athletes and weight lifters are always excited for the best quality protein, best amino acid for recovery, vegan protein etc. There is much more beyond this. Along with physical strength, it is important to focus on mental strength and energy as well. So let me introduce you to the new supplement world of Nootropic.

What are Nootropics?

To explain what nootropic exactly does to us, I would like to relate it to a very popular movie. If you have seen ‘Limitless’ it explains the concept of a drug which helps in brain expansion that results in increased focus and greater human cognitive abilities. So this definitely is a fairy tale but there are severally naturally occurring herbs that enhances our cognitive functions and act as nootropics. A Nootropic is defined as substance or a ingredient which improves cognitive and mental functions like focus, concentration, memory, creativity, mental energy.

There are many nootorpics drugs available on medical prescriptions like amphetamine or some are over the counter drugs like racetams. These drugs have short lived effects. Nootropics are ‘Brain enhancer’s which helps to improve the overall brain sufficiency.

We always believe that the supplements are better in the natural forms. We would discuss some naturally occurring substances that works in brain to improve the neurological health of a person and hence improves the cognitive function. 

Amino Acids: A Nootropic

As we know amino acids are required for every single activity taking place in each and every cell of the body. So amino acids support the brain activity directly or indirectly in brain’s activity. Acetylation of amino acids is a process by which amino acid changes its form and can cross the blood brain barrier to improve the overall function of brain cells. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is very helpful for stress management as it regulates the neurotransmitters like norepinephrine, noradrenaline and dopamine. All high quality energy drinks contain amino acid Taurine. Taurine is proven to support memory formation.

Herbs: A Nootropic

There has been a list of herbal nootropics available in the world. A small google search can give you names of the herbal nootropics. Commonly mentioned are Huperzine A, which is extracted from a chinese club moss, Bacopa monneiri which enhances memory, Gingko biloba which is an ancient chinese herb that improves mental energy levels and Vinpocetine which improves blood flow to the brain. Among these herbs there is a new herbal nootropic being added recently which has undergone medicinal research. Lion’s Mane Mushroom has proven to show several brain benefits. Herbal extracts are more powerful than the powdered herbs as they are more concentrated.

To end with, a natural nootropic is always safe when used as advised by a health practitioner. Nootropics can be used for many reasons in many individuals. An Athlete can use it for better mind-muscle connection and improve mental focus during his training or game time. Anyone who need better mental focus, concentration and extra brain energy can take nootropics.

For any additional information on Nootropic, you can connect with our Nutritionist on getfit@jvnutrition.com

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