Why and When to take Whey?

The benefits of whey protein are well-known, but the questions that have not been adequately addressed are Why to take whey? And the best time to take whey protein.

Whey we depend on a protein powder and not food? There are many food sources of protein in vegetarian diet as well as non-vegetarian diet. List goes on like Lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs etc. For vegetarians we have lentils, pulses, dals, dairy.

So these foods which are high in protein should be part of every meal to make it a balanced meal for you. If you are able to do that you are successfully making your diet a balanced diet.

When we move one step ahead in terms of our activity levels and exercise intensity, our body asks for more protein. So now is the time where you have to increase your protein intake to a next level.

As we know proteins are heavy on digestive system, so when you start eating too much of high protein food, you start feeling bloated, your digestive system gives up and you might land up with diarrhea. Along with being heavy for digestion, proteins are also bulkier. So you might not be able to eat 5-6 eggs in pre workout and 5-6 eggs for post workout.

So when your body requirement increase the amount that you are not comfortable eating it through food, supplements comes in to picture. So it is the convenient option to meet up your protein needs.

Again making sure that the quality of protein you take is the best one and of genuine quality. For different health goal we have different range of product. Single product will be unsuitable for a group of people having different health goal.

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Wondering how to add this miracle powder in your diet? The two most important times to consume whey protein are 15-20 mins before your workout and within 10mins after your workout.

Providing a fast stream of amino acids to muscle tissue before, during, and immediately after resistance training promotes greater anabolic response. Whole-food protein sources like chicken, eggs, beef, fish etc. won’t digest fast enough to be beneficial during critical times.

Before weight training try taking 10-20g of whey protein to enhance muscle strength, increase endurance and decrease muscle breakdown. After your workout take 20-40g of whey protein to enhance muscle recovery and boost muscle protein synthesis.

You should consider taking 20-40g of whey protein as soon as you wake up in the morning. This will stop the muscle breakdown that occurs due to overnight fasting. You can also drink 20-40g of whey protein in a protein shake in between meals to boost muscle growth and support fat loss.

Conclusion: to get the results you want, you can’t ignore training, proper nutrition and you can’t neglect your fast absorbing protein Whey.

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