• Weight Loss

    Weight Loss
    Obesity is definitely a disease which gives rise to many other non-communicable diseases. So by any means if we are successful in managing obesity then we can overcome the future risk of diseases like insulin resistance diabetes, blood pressure, hypothyroidism, IBS, heart risk etc. Weight loss is the lock for all these diseases. When we talk about weight loss, we come across many different...
  • What are Nootropics

    What are Nootropics
    Athletes and weight lifters are always excited for the best quality protein, best amino acid for recovery, vegan protein etc. There is much more beyond this. Along with physical strength, it is important to focus on mental strength and energy as well. So let me introduce you to the new supplement world of Nootropic. What are Nootropics? To explain what nootropic exactly does to...
  • Why and When to take Whey?

    Why and When to take Whey?
    The benefits of whey protein are well-known, but the questions that have not been adequately addressed are Why to take whey? And the best time to take whey protein. Whey we depend on a protein powder and not food? There are many food sources of protein in vegetarian diet as well as non-vegetarian diet. List goes on like Lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs etc. For...
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